Ayahuasca Session

Ayahuasca sessions are held at night and last an average of 5 hours. Expanded Consciousness States produced by the drink are led by the vegetalista by means of songs known as Ikaros, through which Medicine, Knowledge, Protections, etc., are transmitted. One of the names given to the drink is purge due to cleansing which produces at the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

This cleansing sometimes takes place as vomiting, which is different from cases of food or substance poisoning, as it is rather an “emotional vomit” after which you feel liberated, freed from undigested issues or else in your being. In these Expanded States of Consciousness everything takes form, is understood and removed: some people feel they have removed poisonous animals, stones that were weighting them down and affecting their well-being, sharp objects, etc.. All this is only the materialization of hatreds, fears, blockages, betrayals, traumas that had to be resolved.

This practice is considered Medicine as not all diseases are caused by external pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.. in fact they are often the result of some trauma held in our own subconscious. After everyone has swallowed the substance, lights are switched off, the vegetalista begins to sing the Ikaros, accompanied by the rhythms of the shacapa, and after about 30 minutes the mareación (visions) begin . While the Ikaros continue, the vegetalista blows mapacho smoke (Nicotiana tabacum), over certain parts of the participants' body. Then he/she calls some of the participants to ikararles by blowing them with smoke, camphor, flower water or perfume on certain body's energy centres, depending on what everybody needs. The session ends about 5 hours later, when all participants have returned to their ordinary state of consciousness.

Ayahuasca does not provoke addiction. On the contrary, it is very useful in treating psychosomatic conditions, drug abuse and addictions (whereas to substance or relations). It does not produce hallucinations but visions (see the inner world, the subconscious). After the Ayahuasca session the vegetalista gives a special diet (food restrictions) to each participant to make the most of the labour, re-establishing health, improving strength and self-knowledge.