Palos Diets (Master Plants)

Diets are periods of isolation during which the person must comply with certain restrictions at different levels, with the aim of apprenticeship as well as the restoration of health. It is the "Mother Plant" who appears in dreams to the person, testing and teaching him/her. Each plant has a different quality or features. Some produce visions, while others can only be understood intuitively or in dreams. During the isolation the consumption of salt, sweet, fat, is suppressed and only this food is ingested: farina (dried cassava), boiled rice, boiled plantains, oat and water. During the diet sexual energy cannot be used, including masturbation. While on this diet you cannot be exposed to: sun, rain, strong odours (perfumes, kerosene, etc..), nor talk or see people who are not on the diet, with the exception of the herbalist who manages the plant. Personal hygiene can only be done with water at dawn and dusk, you cannot use any toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc..).

Diet will last a period of 9 days, during which the Vegetalista will visit the person every day; in that period three sessions of ayahuasca will take place as well as two intakes of the master plant proper of the diet.

The diet of plant includes:

  • Transportation, lodging and food.
  • Three ayahuasca therapy sessions, two doses of the diet plant.
  • Conversations on the material emerging during the session, and the expectations of participants.

Optionally, if the person wishes it, he/she can participate in energy cleaning baths with plants and flowers.
Cost of program: The program cost is U.S. $ 1,100.00 (eleven hundred dollars).
Payment shall be made in U.S. $, on the first day, upon arrival at the Centre.
The cost of the Diet of plants includes transportation from the airport to Urubamba and vice versa, shared accommodation, meals, and scheduled activities.
The program fee does not include: flights' fares, airport taxes, travel insurance, medical expenses, extra meals, tips.
In Cusco you can cash travellers cheques or go to the bank.
There are daily flights on the Lima-Cusco route and back, the flight time is 60 minutes.