Ayahuasca Workshop in Urubamba

Urubamba is a village in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, about an hour away, by car, from the city of Cusco. The seminar lasts 6 days, during which the person will be understanding and integrating the information that will unfold during the Ayahuasca sessions. These seminars are held in a secluded place surrounded by nature and three Apus (sacred mountains) Pumahuanca, Chicon and Yawarmaqui. People will be staying in comfortable rooms with hot water.

The seminar costs include:

  • Transportation, lodging and meals
  • Three ayahuasca therapy sessions
  • Conversations on the material emerging during the sessions, depending on the expectations of participants.

According to people requirements, people can participate in psychotherapy sessions, energetic cleansing baths with plants, intake of cleaning and purifying plants etc..
Also visits can be scheduled to the craft market of Chinchero, the terraces of Moray and/or the salt mines of Maras.
Program cost: U.S. $ 1,100.00 (one thousand and one hundred U.S. dollars).
This cash payment shall be made in U.S. $ on the first day of the seminar.
The cost of the seminar includes transportation from the airport to Urubamba and vice versa, shared accommodation, meals and scheduled activities.
The meals are vegetarian with local regional products.

The program fee does not include: airfare, airport taxes, travel insurance, medical expenses, extra meals, tips.
In Cusco you can cash travelers checks or go to the bank.
There are daily flights on the route Lima-Cusco and back, the flying time is 60 minutes.
For residents in Lima and Urubamba who cannot participate in the seminar would like to participate in sessions with local groups, the contribution per participant per session is U.S. $ 120 (one hundred and twenty dollars U.S.). Sleeping bag is required. Contact us by email to coordinate dates.